Kūhiō Vogeler, PhD

Dr. Kūhiō Vogeler has eighteen years of experience researching Hawai‘i’s unique cultural and political landscape. He has taught classes on Political Science, Political Theory, Politics of Hawai‘i, and Public Law and Judicial Behavior. Dr. Vogeler has recently completed his doctoral dissertation, “‘For Your Freedom and Ours’: The Prolonged Occupations of Hawai‘i and the Baltic States.” As part of his dissertation, Dr. Vogeler conducted forty-three extensive interviews, which included (in the Baltic States) former Heads of State, Parliament Members, and constitutional law scholars, as well as (in Hawai‘i) Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustees, professors, activists, and international law scholars. Dr. Vogeler’s expertise focuses on international legal issues and international relations related to Hawai‘i and the Baltic States. Dr. Vogeler is a former ‘Ōiwi Ake Akamai Fellow and East-West Center Degree Fellow. Dr. Vogeler is currently a cultural researcher at Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i in Waimānalo.



  1. Nice looking site Kuhio. Thank you for your work.

  2. lookin’ good. thanks, azima! i like that ‘fake state’ pic!

    • You are doing a wonderful job-your Mother would be so proud!

  3. Right on Kuio, thanks for getting the word out and I agree with Lynette nice picture:

  4. Hi Kuio, I have a question about the process of the reinstatement of a nation, as suggested in your doctoral dissertation. Hasn’t that been adequately done by the careful legislative reformation of the Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii folks led by Henry Noa? It appears to meet every one of your steps (except mass acceptance) as outlined in your dissertation. Please review their process and determine if we are not further along the road to Hawaiian national reemergence than you thought. Jace

    • Aloha Jace,

      You bring up a very good point. In Chapters 15 and 17 I address it, particularly with regards to the Reinstated Kingdom of Hawai‘i.

      I hope that helps.



  5. Kuhio…
    If you ever need photos…let me know. Your site is excellent, but might help to add some visuals.

    great job.
    Donna Burns

    • If you have any photos, send them, and I’ll try to put them on. I’m just so busy with things right now.

      Mahalo Nui Loa,


  6. Aloha Kuhio,
    Do you have any photos of the 2009 HSLP symposium that you could share with me for my power point photo essay? I just need about 3 or 4 strategic ones that give an idea of the symposium at a glance to add to my collection. In Jpg format would be ideal sent me by email.
    My theme is “We Want Our Country Back!” Mahalo nui, Keahi.

    • Aloha Keahi,

      I don’t have any photos. Nut Donovan might. I didn’t even have a camera that day.



  7. I saw a reference to your work at a Latvian site, but do not seem to be able to download your paper. I write a blog at http://esoschronicles.blogspot.com/ on the situation in Latvia today.

  8. Aloha Kuhio,

    I have been watching your “Hawaiian State of Mind” videos available online and I just wanted to thank you for your hard work. You present the topics very clearly and thoroughly while keeping the conversation interesting and lively. Mahalo nui for the dedication and taking up this medium of television and internet.

    Summer Starr

    p.s. you actually interviewed me at ‘Iolani Palace for episode 4.

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