Posted by: kuhiovogeler | February 1, 2010

Promo for “The Hawaiian State of Mind”

Mahalo to John Kuamo‘o for putting together this promo on “The Hawaiian State of Mind” and for all his kokua on the show. Mahalo also to Pono Kealoha, Lynette Cruz, Evern Williams, Tom Hackett, Dane Neves, and everyone at the Pālolo Community Media Center for all their kōkua. This show has come together because of everyone’s hard work.




  1. Mahalo Kuhio for airing the word that describes the Hawaiian state of being. Occupation has been the backbone of American policy since the 18th century and continues to wreak havoc on our planet. Freedom is the state of being that we all deserve. And we want it now!

  2. Mahalo to the Hawaiian Independence Blog – http://www.hawaiiankingdom/info for keeping us informed and to Native media. Appreciate Kuhio Vogeler going out to the street as well as presenting challenging teaching in the classroom.

    Keahi Felix

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