Posted by: kuhiovogeler | November 23, 2009

Mahalo, for the Coming Year!

It isn’t that this year has been bad. I finished my dissertation, added the letters PhD to my name, and have a job that I enjoy. I am very grateful for much that has happened this year. This year has been stressful, but that tension appears to be a necessary aspect of the process for ending the US occupation in Hawai‘i. So, I am very grateful for this year as well.

However, sometimes it is important to give thanks for what is to come. As Thanksgiving and La Kū‘oko‘a approach, I am most grateful for our future, most hopeful for our people, most inspired by the the process before us. Sometimes, there are moments when the path is clear, momentum is increasing, and the distant goal can be seen, if even for fleeting moments. Still, that goal is there, ahead. This glimpse of what is possible is priceless, a rare treasure to be valued, a reason for gratitude. The trip may be treacherous, the climb steep, the path tiring, but this exhaustion too is something of immeasurable worth.

In William Saroyan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “The Time of Your Life,” Willie, a pinball fanatic, finally beats the high score on the pinball machine. After attaining that goal, Willie has a brief bout of depression. (Anyone who has beaten a video game can appreciate this feeling, if only breifly.) Pursuit of his goal gave Willie’s life inspiration and meaning. After attaining that goal, Willie had to find a new source of meaning, a new pursuit.

The next twelve months are full of meaning. We, as a people, as a nationals of our own country, have a specific goal and a process that could bring us closer to that goal. This ending of the occupation will not happen in 2010, but that doesn’t matter. We have a goal, which gives us inspiration. And we all have something to do in pursuit that goal. This is what the next twelve months offer.

Many are still looking for how they can aid in this endeavor. The coming year offers an opportunity to discover the special skill or talent in each of us. And as the next twelve months unfold, we have the opportunity to work together, while our collective talents draw us ever closer to the ending of the US occupation of Hawai‘i.

The meaning of coming year is a gift for which we can all be grateful.

Mahalo, for the coming year!




  1. Mahalo brother. I believe we need to keep hammering home the point that restoring independence to Hawai`i is not a racial issue but one of national identity. This may seem like old information to those close to the center of the movement(s), but many of us malihini, and plenty kama`aina, are still just learning about this important distinction. Hana hou. C

  2. Why not 2010? Don’t forget the Berlin Wall came down in a flash. We only need to destroy the wall that has been built in our minds by the US that keeps us from overthrowing the insurrectionists occupying our aina. That colonial mindset enslaves us still. No master, no slave.

  3. I am following this reemergence of a nation very closely and with all my heart want a release of Hawaii from occupation. I want my brothers and sisters of Koko reminded that there are lots of those born in America who have a dog in this fight. The cause is justice and the peace that can only come with justice. I have worked within the movement for a number of years as an educator to foreigners living in Hawaii about the issues of occupation. That we have this new voice of international lawful process to end occupation is inspirational to me.

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